ITT Tech Student Loan Forgiveness To qualify for this  program, borrowers must hold a degree in infancy education and work full-time for 2 years at knowledgeable facility where a minimum of 70% of the kids receiving care come from families that earn less
than 85% of the state median household income.
Student Loan Forgiveness for enforcement Officials
Protect and serve the community and thus the govt will do the same for your budget by repaying your college loans for you. Full time enforcement or correction officers are eligible to possess their loans paid off by the govt. at a rate of 15%per year for the first 2 years of service, 20% for the 3rd and 4th year, and 30% for his or her fifth year.
Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses and Medical Technicians
Several generous student loan forgiveness programs are available for physicians and RN’s who practice in areas that lack adequate medical care .
The National Heath Services Corps will repay up to $35,000 once a year of service for qualified individuals. to seek out out more and download application forms
The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) repays up to 60% of your college loan balance for people who serve a minimum of two years in critical shortage facilities.

The reason behind the closure of ITT

ITT Tech newsThe closure of ITT institutions is the result of increased regulation and sanctions from the U.S. Department of Education. ITT Tech has decided to terminate its operation. It was after the decision from the Department of Education to ban the for-profit vocational college from enlisting new students who relied on federal aid to pay for their education with them.


The news was a shock as the company had been in operation for more than 50 years since 1969 and before ITT Tech was permanently shut down. Until today, ITT Tech operated on over 130 campuses in 38 states.  As a result, all ITT Technical Institutes lost their qualification to receive federal student aid funds from the Education Department.


However, questions continued to arise about the institution’s enrolling and accounting practices as well as its financial viability.


ITT Educational Services, Inc. published a press release on their website that blamed the government for the closure and the impact on students.

ITT Tech offered students an option to the traditional college course. As a for-profit organization, the school provided specialized training in targeted fields of study. In 2015 alone, it had over 45,000 students and $850 million in revenue.

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