Choosing the proper name are often critical to the success of your website.
A very (possibly the most) powerful name contains “keywords”. Keywords are essentially words that folks will type in to look engines once they are trying to find your product or service. an honest keyword-type name for a lawn service in Houston, would be
You can also choose a website name containing your name . If your name is Smith’s Roofing, an honest name could be

There is not tons of mystery to selecting an honest name . it’s mostly sense .

Keep it short. People will likely not remember, nor want to bother typing during a very long name . Who would desire typing in, for instance .
Keep it simple, as easy to spell as possible. you do not want to possess people misspell your name and reach someone else’s website.
Avoid domain names that sound like or contain the brand name for an additional company. you’d not want to undertake to register for instance . albeit your surname really is Sears, you’ll get in to a legal battle.
Avoid hyphens. it’s just too difficult for people to recollect . Which words are hyphenated? which are not . Even Wal-Mart dropped the hyphen from their name in their advertising. you’ll still reach their site by typing in, but it now redirects you to the URL without the hyphen. If your name idea is already taken, again, adding a hyphen isn’t an honest solution. it’s just getting to route people to the competitor’s site if they forget your name is hyphenated.
Make it appropriate. The name should reflect something about your line of business or your business name. Anything that doesn’t associate your company together with your name in people’s memories might not be remembered.
Use the “.com” TLD. If the .com is taken by somebody else , using another TLD like .net or .org isn’t an honest alternative. it’ll presumably send people to the competition’s site, because people are just too wont to the .com
Consider buying other common TLDs additionally to the .com. as an example , the .net and .org, .us, maybe the .biz. you’ll redirect people to the .com site very easily. this manner competitors and “squatters” won’t be tempted to adopt the opposite domains out from under you.
If your name is straightforward to misspell. as an example ,, people might not remember if there are one or two letters, “S”. you’ll want to shop for both and and redirect to an equivalent site. Google did this very thing. If you type, “” in your browser, you’ll attend
One more consideration: is that the domain available? simply because you A domain in your browser, and obtain a site not found error doesn’t mean the domain is out there . There are tools everywhere the web which will tell you if a website name is already taken.
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